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How to use this course

Making the most of the course materials


A MOOC is a 'massive open online course' which is made available, often free of charge, to a large number of people via the internet. MOOCs typically use a mixture of videos, text and quizzes, and sometimes provide a forum for discussion and interaction with fellow learners. This course is offered here as a slightly simplified version of a MOOC, enabling participants to access and download videos, documents and presentations which they can use for learning at their own pace.


The course consists of four chapters, and several sub-topics. To start the course, go to the Course overview page and begin working your way through each chapter.


In each topic, you will find a main overview video, accompanied by a combination of in-depth papers and additional presentations depending on the topic. You can watch the overview videos in your browser or download them using the links provided, and a transcript of each of the main videos is also provided. (In some cases, you may need to resize your bowser or scroll down to see the full frame. You can also view the video in a smaller window by clicking the symbol in the bottom right corner of the video).


To view the documents and additional video presentations, simply click on their relevant thumbnail images to view them in your bowser. If you wish to download any of these materials, you can do so by opening the file in your browser, right-clicking and selecting the appropriate option (eg 'Save As...'). The documents will download as PDF, and the video PowerPoint presentations will download in mp4 format. (In some cases, the materials may download directly to your device or computer when you click on the thumbnail image, rather than opening in your browser, depending on your browser settings).


Please note that Topic 4a provides a series of downloadable 'how to' video presentations which introduce the main aspects of using Oasis.


Buttons are provided under each main video to help you navigate back to the course overview page, quizzes or subsequent topics.


To help you further consolidate your learning, we have provided a number of multiple-choice quizzes linked to some of the topics. Some of these quizzes are more in-depth than others, but they are not marked in any way. They can be used to help check and strengthen your understanding of the material you have watched and read in each topic.


A link to each quiz is provided under the main video in each relevant topic. You can also browse the quizzes from the Quizzes overview page.  In each quiz question, once you click on an answer, you will receive immediate information about which answer is correct, and in some cases additional feedback and learning points relating to the topic. You will receive a percentage score at the end of the quiz (although this is not recorded anywhere), and you can retake each quiz as many times as you wish to.


This is the first release of this course, and it may be extended and distributed on other platforms in the future.


Course developed for Oasis LMF by Imperative Space in conjunction with the Institute for Environmental Analytics